> A documentary.


Director :  Cyril Peyramond

Adapted from Sebastien Viaud’s travel

Production : Kanari Films 

Sustainable traveler’s journey, special prize - Planète Couleur, 2011      

     High School and University’s Prize - 24th Festival SCOOP d’Angers, 2010

    Special Prize - Terra Festival

Lands, seas, streams, fauna and flora... All the natural resources on Earth are deteriorating at a speed with no equivalent in the history of humanity. Today, everyone knows about that fact.

Therefore, two questions can be asked to all of us : Are we able to make things change ? If the answer is yes, how can we change things ? On all the continents, under all sorts of climate, some women and men have answered those questionsby fighting to the point of sometimes putting their own lives in danger, in order to proctect our planet effectively.

The Goldman Prize, a prestigious North American prize, has awarded these «fighters» for 20 years now. As it regarded as the Nobel of environment, it also gives these men’s fighting an international visibility.

Sebastien Viaud, a young French teacher with a passion for ecology gave himselfa challenge consisting in exploring the world for a year and meeting the graduates of that prize : the ordinary people who are the bearers of extraordinary struggles. Taking the green pulse of the Earth and measuring the environmental situation on a global scale were his goals too. Between the green colour of nature and the gold side of their commitment, these «heroes of the daily life» are the «Goldmen».

Over a 12-month travelling experience and with a full-length documentary (from 90 minutes), by going to meet the «Green Resistants» Goldmen represents the choral story  of a planetary and environmental adventure as well as a reflection on our present and our future.

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